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is your day job? >> i led the white house faith-based initiative and president obama's first term and now i am a columnist for the daily beast and i run a social consulting company called value partnership. >> host: do you have a church? >> i attended congregation in washington dc. i was an associate professor in cambridge massachusetts. >> how did you get associated with the president and the faith-based initiative? >> guest: i started within early in 2,005 and started defending devotionals. i was a staffer doing outreach like a lot of other folks and i decided one day that in addition to policy advice he needs somebody thinking about his soul so i decided to send him an e-mail one day and i have no idea if he would respond if were we like it but he wrote me back and said this devotionals is exactly what i needed today. would you do it every day? that was six years ago and i have been sending them every day since. >> host: and what will we find? find?guest. >> 365 devotionals that help him start his day. in addition to that you'll find storieyou willfind stories of fe white house. presid
mean, after all, obama is not a black president, but a mixed race. he's african-american, a black and a white parent. this is like the win drop rule. >> host: right, right, right. >> guest: it is really, i think, interesting that sexism is far more casual, partly because it's the intercertainly, you know, these guys that i was talking with actually -- >> host: have a wife. >> guest: ex-wives they hate, exwife's lawyers that they hate more, and they have also, you know, women in their lives who they see as getting ahead of them. >> host: like a lot more women you can see as taking your job or, you know, whatever. yeah, yeah. okay. so we are going to return to that subject talking about the specific groups, but i think it's important now to define this central concept of the book, the idea of a grieved entitlement. i have questions about it, and so just tell the viewers what is that? what's a grieved entitlement? >> guest: it's a phrase i came up with. all the groups i talk about the the men's rights group, father's rights group, the guys who beat up their wifings, partners, or kill
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2